Kompetenzen & Seminare


Develop expertise and inspire people

Developing and nurturing the competencies of staff at all levels is critical to the success of any organisation. Competence development lays the foundation for innovation and change, participation and transparency. It enables organisations to have a positive impact on society and the environment, to strengthen employee participation and to master the digital transformation. By developing relevant competences, organisations are better positioned to work effectively and remain competitive. This enables them to meet changing demands and successfully achieve their goals.

As an experienced speaker and lecturer, I support organisations in the competence development of their staff in the areas of public management, impact management, participation and innovation, and I am available to them as an inspiring speaker.

My goal is to provide participants in my workshops and seminars with practical tools and strategies to support them in their professional development and to move their organisations forward successfully. My tailor-made events are designed to promote and expand the competencies of employees in a targeted manner. By providing in-depth knowledge, practical methods and good practices, I support organisations in developing and strengthening their staff in the relevant fields.
I work closely with my clients to develop tailor-made training concepts, taking into account individual needs and objectives. In doing so, I use tested methods. These include case studies, simulations, group work, discussions and practical exercises to ensure that the acquired knowledge is put into practice.

Contact me today to learn more about how I can support you and your organisation in the area of competence development. Together we can create a sustainable and successful organisation and a motivated workforce!


FastTrack-Workshops are compact interactive trainings that convey and make applicable a specific field of knowledge or competence in a short time. These workshops are designed to quickly present relevant information and provide participants with concrete skills and knowledge in a short time. Due to their efficiency and focus, FastTrack-Workshops are ideal for people who want to achieve targeted learning progress with concrete practical benefits in a short period of time.

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Your benefits

Compact: 6-8 Sessions, 90 minutes each (2-4 Days)
Scalable: 2 to 30 participants
Location independent: Presence/Online/Hybrid
International: English/German
Immediately available: Carried out at short notice
Flexible: Individual adaptation of content