FastTrack-Workshop IGNITE+


Ignite creativity - shape innovation - experience success


After participating in the FastTrack-Workshop IGNITE+ participants have gained comprehensive insights into the world of innovation and are able to initiate creative thinking processes and develop innovative solutions. They understand the importance of a supportive innovation culture and can actively shape their companies. Participants master various innovation approaches such as open innovation and design thinking and know how to apply them effectively in their work. They also have practical knowledge of innovation management and processes that enable them to implement ideas successfully. Participants are empowered to design inspiring and participatory workshops and have strengthened team dynamics to work together as collaborative innovators. The workshop has empowered them to promote creative thinking and innovation in their professional and personal environments and to embrace change positively to achieve sustainable success.


  1. Introduction to innovation and trend management
  2. Innovation strategies
  3. Establishing an organisational culture that promotes innovation (team, roles, cooperation)
  4. Innovation approaches: Lean Startup, Open Innovation & Design Thinking
  5. Innovation processes and their phases (Double-Diamond, Public Design)
  6. Innovation method case: idea development and evaluation
  7. Effective workshop design for creative idea development and problem solving (Art of Hosting)
  8. Successful implementation of innovative solutions

Target Audience

Founders, managers and employees in public and private organisations who are involved in the development of new ideas, products and services. People who are interested in developing their innovation skills and promoting creative thinking.


Interactive workshop at your organisation site or in our workshop room for 2-30 people. Also available hybrid and online.


8 sessions of 90 minutes each in 2 or 4 days.


In order to achieve the best learning outcome and maximise the practical benefit for the participants, different learning formats are used. It is of course possible to adapt the content and methods to the individual requirements of your organisation and your employees.

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