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Technological and societal change, evolving needs and regulatory frameworks offer challenges and opportunities in a rapidly moving world. In order to successfully address challenges and seize opportunities for one's own organisation, innovation is often the key to success! Through innovation, organisations can act more effectively and efficiently, strengthen their competitiveness and take advantage of new framework conditions. The needs of citizens and customers can be better met, social problems can be solved holistically and social value can be created.

We support you and your organisation in the goal-oriented design and successful implementation of innovation processes!

Innovation Workshop

Innovation and change management are central concepts of organisational development. They are closely interlinked. Innovation refers to the introduction and implementation of new ideas, processes, products or services. These can create added value and bring about positive changes in an organisation or in society. Change management deals with the targeted control of change processes in organisations. It includes their planning, control and monitoring. The aim is to ensure that innovation processes are successfully implemented and their positive effects in the organisation and society are maximised.

Innovation requires commitment from leadership, support from staff, strategic alignment and sufficient resources. Staff concerns about changes to their working practices and jobs must be addressed, as well as fears about losing their jobs or current positions. The coordination and cooperation of different departments and teams within the organisation or across organisational boundaries can also be a major challenge. It is necessary to overcome barriers of will and competence and to accompany a cultural transformation towards a positive culture of change and a realistic culture of failure. In addition to the variety of innovative methods, clear goals, transparent communication and professional project management are needed above all.

Innovation Workshop

We offer tailor-made solutions for goal-oriented innovation and change!

As a trustworthy and professional partner, we stand by you and your organisation and accompany you in the identification of needs for change, in the design and implementation of innovation processes as well as the implementation of necessary change processes. Our services are entirely focused on your needs. They range from selective consulting and support to full project management. With my extensive network of change agents, projects of all sizes and subject-specific requirements can be carried out reliably and successfully.

Contact me today to learn more about how I can support you together with my network of strong partners in developing and successfully implementing innovations in a goal-oriented way. Together we shape the future!

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Every project is unique. Strong partners are the key to success!

The WHAT’S NEXT INSTITUTE helps organisations in business, politics and society to deal with the future in a structured way. After all, the future is no longer what it used to be. Gone is the illusion of planning certainty and linear developments. However, those who recognise changes and their potential earlier than others gain a head start and open up scope for action and innovation.

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