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Steering organisations efficiently and effectively

At a time when organisations are increasingly striving for effectiveness and sustainability, complexity and uncertainty are growing and the demands for transparency and accountability are continuously increasing, the quality use of impact-oriented performance management and reporting systems is of crucial importance for organisational success. They enable organisations to pursue goals effectively and evidence-based, to use scarce resources efficiently and to ensure transparency through user-oriented reporting.

We support you in the development and implementation of impact-oriented performance management and reporting systems!

Impact-oriented performance management systems are instruments that aim to align measures at all organisational levels with the strategy and the intended impact. Special steering and reporting systems are set up to monitor and control the achievement of objectives. These enable regular collection and analysis of data to track progress, identify deviations and make adjustments. The introduction of impact-oriented performance management systems aims to enable a more effective and efficient use of resources. It is about shifting the focus from mere activities and measures to the actual impact of the organisation's actions. In this way, a stronger orientation towards the needs of the target group and society as a whole can be achieved.


By clearly focusing on impacts and results, impact-oriented steering systems enable a precise definition of goals and a strategic orientation towards the desired changes in target groups and the society as a whole. This promotes an efficient use of scarce resources. The continuous measurement of impacts and results makes it possible to identify those measures that make the greatest contribution to achieving the goals and to direct the use of resources accordingly. Furthermore, the transparent presentation of the impacts and results achieved allows stakeholders and donors to see the added value of the activities undertaken and to demonstrate the organisation's performance. This strengthens trust and credibility. In addition, regular evaluation of impact goals, measures and indicators enables organisations to learn from evidence, improve their programmes and measures and establish good practices. This contributes to a continuous process analysis and task review, promotes new innovative approaches and enables their iterative further development and optimisation.

The introduction and operation of impact-oriented performance management systems brings with it a number of challenges. Impact goals and measures must be strategically defined and suitable indicators for measuring success must be established. The availability and quality of suitable data is often problematic. The same applies to the introduction of suitable planning, monitoring and reporting systems. These should minimise the administrative effort and support management in the best possible way. In most cases, organisational hurdles also have to be overcome, as organisational, budget and impact structures have to be aligned and existing systems integrated. In addition, impact-oriented performance management sets in motion a process of cultural change in the organisation, which must be accompanied in a goal-oriented manner. This requires not only a clear commitment on the part of management, but above all trust and competence building among staff. Communicating the background and intended effects internally and externally is of great importance in order to promote understanding and acceptance for the approach and to gain the trust of the stakeholders.

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We offer tailor-made solutions for an integrated impact-oriented performance management system for your organisation!

As a trustworthy and professional partner, we stand by you and your organisation and accompany you in identifying the need for change. We support you in the design and implementation of impact-oriented organisational structures and processes as well as in the development of strategies, goals and indicators. We assist you in the implementation of appropriate management and reporting systems as well as in the design of a user-oriented reporting system. The competence development of your team through practice-oriented workshops and seminars completes our portfolio. Our services are tailored to your needs. They range from selective consulting and support to complete project management. With my extensive network of change agents, projects of all sizes and subject-specific requirements can be carried out reliably and successfully.

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